Basic Poncho

Basic Poncho

This basic poncho pattern is very easy and fun to make with a very basic and easy-going pattern.

The basic poncho is a very easy-to-follow pattern you can make with 5 skeins of yarn. You can choose a colorful or shiny yarn to make this basic pattern a little more energetic. That is why I choose Himalaya Everyday Big Fabric yarn. The yarn has little fabric pieces on it. They give a colorful look on this basic pattern.

What Did I Use?

  • Himalaya Everyday Big Fabric Yarn (73807)
  • Kartopu size 8 needles
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors
Himalaya Everyday Big Fabric Yarn (73807)


  • RS: Right Side
  • WR: Wrong Side
  • YOkw: Yarn Over Knit-Wise
  • YOpw: Yarn Over Purl-Wise
  • K: Knit
  • P: Purl
Himalaya Everyday Big Fabric Yarn (73807)

Before You Start - Notes on Pattern

This basic poncho has a very easy pattern. It is perfect for beginners who want to experiment on such projects. I finished it in a total of 4 hours and used 5 skeins of Himalaya Everyday Big Fabric Yarn. If you want to use a different yarn, you should calculate the measurement considering that one skein of Himalaya Everyday Big Fabric Yarn is 80 meters. Therefore, we can say that this poncho is made from 400 meters of yarn. For another type of yarn, you can calculate the number of skeins accordingly.


The poncho is made as two pieces. You need to follow this pattern twice and have two triangles.

Start by casting on 4 stitches. On the right side knit 2 of them, yarn over knit-wise, knit the remaining stitches. On the wrong side purl first 2 stitches, yarn over purl-wise, purl the remaining stitches.
The pattern goes on like that.

In short:
RS: K2, YOkw, K2 (5)
WS: P2, YOpw, P3 (6)
RS: K2, YOkw, K4 (7)
WS: P2, YOpw, P5 (8)
Continue this pattern until you have 98 stitches on your needle. Cast off 98 stitches.

Start the pattern again and make the second triangle exactly the same.
After the two triangles are complete, seam the longer ends. While seaming, you need to leave a space for your head to go through. Measure the round of your head and divide it by two. This is the minimum number of centimeters you need to leave. If you want a looser collar, leave a longer space. You should make the seaming from both ends.

After the seaming is complete, weave in ends and block the poncho with the suitable method for your yarn, or the ends of the triangles may not look straight. Since the yarn I used is %95 acrylic, I used steam for blocking. I used a steam iron and applied the steam directly to the poncho from 3 centimeters. You can choose the best option according to the material of the yarn you used.

Basic Poncho Knitting
Basic Poncho Knitting
Basic Poncho Knitting

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